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AE-304 Topics in Advanced Microeconomics
CDS 01 Topics in Applied Macro Economics
CDS 02 Topics in Applied Microeconomics
CDS 03 Topics in Econometrics
CDS 04 Economic Development
CDS 16: India and the Global Economy
MPH-00: MPhil Documents, Lecture and Exam Schedule and Calendar of Events This course allows guest users to enterInformation
MPH-101.1-12:Principles of Statistics for Data Analysis
MPH-101.1:Principles of Statistics for Data AnalysisInformation
MPH-101.2:Field SurveyInformation
MPH-102:Applied Regression AnalysisInformation
MPH-103:Topics in Applied EconometricsInformation
MPH-104: Methodological Approaches to Socio-Economic ResearchThis course allows guest users to enterInformation
MPH-201-12: Microeconomics
MPH-201: MicroeconomicsInformation
MPH-202: MacroeconomicsInformation
MPH-203. Growth and Development Information
MPH-206: International Trade: Theory and PolicyInformation
MPH-207:Interdisciplinary Approaches in Development ResearchInformation